• 130,000 assets spread out geographically.
  • Paper-based system for 1,000 daily work orders and parts requisition.
  • Mission-critical maintenance needs—system failures would affect 250,000 residents.


  • Maintenance Connection’s asset management and inventory control features.
  • Maintenance Connection’s digital work order capabilities put in place for three water treatment plants that output 20 million gallons/day.
  • Maintenance Connection’s mobile CMMS functionality that automated approval workflows.


  • City of Orlando became more efficient and green with a digital work order and part requisition process.
  • Real-time visibility into maintenance status in the field for the department’s 200 employees.
  • SCADA integration with Maintenance Connection’s CMMS provides real-time tracking of critical equipment.

"Work orders were printed out, then got lost or thrown away by mistake. Staff would fill out requests for parts, only to find out that the warehouse had changed which parts were available while documents were in transit."

Aaron Green | Applications Administrator

Case Study Summary: City of Orlando

The City of Orlando has a population of more than 250,000—and a population of that size requires the solid network infrastructure to keep it happy, healthy and functional.

The city operates with almost as many assets as there are people. Its wastewater department alone employs almost 200 staff that maintains more than 130,000 assets. The department processes almost 1,000 work orders a day that keep key city services like sewers and wastewater treatment plants online.

Each of the city’s three wastewater plants process about 20 million gallons of water per day, which means a high degree of reactive maintenance just isn’t an option to deliver clean water daily to the city’s residents. That’s why for nearly 10 years, the city’s wastewater department has trusted Maintenance Connection’s CMMS to maintain their most precious resources.

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