"Having come from two other CMMS systems MC is hands down the best, from PMs all the way down to inventory and especially tech support."

Brian | Elite Line Services | See More Profiles

Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Maintenance Connection CMMS software provides a variety of features – including calendars, automated reports, mobile capabilities, automated triggers, workflows and robust reporting – that can help you efficiently execute tasks and develop a preventive maintenance plan. This can ultimately help your organization maintain process consistency, clean your data and work more efficiently.
"The system is being used at all levels of the organization, from the mechanics that actually do the PMs to the supervision that verifies that the work's been done correctly to the planners that plan the downtime based on the needs of the equipment."
HARRY | L’Oréal
MRO Inventory Management

Poorly managed MRO inventory can negatively impact maintenance tasks, causing major delays and increased costs as technicians are forced to search for parts, order missing parts and deal with unused inventory. Maintenance Connection maintenance management software can streamline MRO inventory management and ultimately increase uptime by:

  • Tracking spare parts
  • Connecting parts to supplier and vendor information
  • Notifying you when stock is low
  • Helping you quickly find the parts you need
"With the reduction in staff and the reduction in time and equipment used, that's where we really focused in on redefining our PM program with altering cycles and altering PM schedules...That's saved us a lot of man hours and lets us move those man hours to another area that's needed."
GREG | The New York Times
Planned Maintenance Work Order Management

One of the biggest keys to effective predictive maintenance is complete, proactive work order generation - and paper and spreadsheets just don’t cut it. Accruent’s preventive maintenance CMMS allows you to proactively create, view, track, prioritize and distribute complete work orders, which can ultimately improve communication, reduce corrective maintenance and ensure that you have an appropriate preventive maintenance schedule.

"I recommend this program to any company that needs a flexible, versatile and highly reliable CMMS to schedule PMs, allow requesters to enter their work request and to track the complete maintenance history."
KEVIN | Pentair Water
Planned Maintenance Inspection Schedules

Inspections and audits are an important part of any preventive maintenance program. With Accruent’s Maintenance Connection software, you can make sure that you never miss an inspection. That way, you can catch failures early, eliminate confusion and continuously pass compliance audits.

“The reporting in Maintenance Connection gives us better visibility into inventory tracking and supplier costs, and saved us $105,000 last year through centralized vendor comparisons. By reducing quantities on hand by 10% across the board, we’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary parts spending.”
DION ARCHULETA | Trinchero Family Estates
Mobile-Friendly Preventive Maintenance App

Using Accruent’s CMMS mobile app, asset operators and technicians can update work orders, access important asset information, log meter readings and easily execute and update preventive maintenance tasks.

“Anything that [the state and federal regulators] can ask, we need to make sure that it’s documented. For example, smoke detector testing has to be done annually, and having that preventive maintenance in Maintenance Connection has helped us keep track and make sure it’s getting done on time.”
Josh Hazelton | Maine Medical Center
Comprehensive, Historical Asset Information

Getting a complete view of an asset’s history allows you to understand previous maintenance, issues and concerns. This can ultimately inform your present and future maintenance plans, helping you quickly resolve breakdowns and address concerns before they arise.

"Safety is a top priority for us. Maintenance Connection allows us to oversee all over our assets and coordinate any maintenance—scheduled or unscheduled. And that helps keep of Alaska Airlines safe.”
ALLAN AMADOR | Alaska Airlines
Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

Comprehensive dashboards and reporting give your team the data and insights you need to proactively identify and resolve inefficiencies so you can decrease costs and unplanned downtime.

"We use preventive maintenance every day, starting by reviewing manuals of when the manufacturer recommends, building a procedure task to tie in with that PM, and then being able to look at the data at a glance from the database and being able to see what has transpired with the asset.”
DEBBIE HONGELL | Bay Area Hospital

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software

Maximize Safety

Equipment failure and unexpected breakdowns can prevent a significant safety hazard.The right preventive maintenance software can help you:

  • Track and reduce asset incidents
  • Record and maintain compliance
  • Store and manage records, audit documents and permits
  • Establish standard operating practices (SOPs) for health and safety

Ultimately, this can helppreventunexpectedbreakdowns while ensuring that your equipment is properly logged and tagged out by the timeit’sneeded.

Control Maintenance Costs

An effective preventive maintenance software can reduce labor expenses, cut inventorycostsand extend asset life, thereby decreasing your overall maintenance costs and maximizing your bottom line.

Create Lasting Preventive Maintenance Plans

Your preventive plans need to be agile, flexible andfuture-proof. A modern, SaaS-based preventive maintenance software can help ensure that your tool is always well-integrated, comprehensive andup-to-dateas your company scales and your technological needs change.

Increase Repair Efficiency

Preventive maintenance software can centralizeall ofthe information you need – including work order information, checklists, compliance information and MRO inventory data – to ensure that repairs are completed efficiently and safely.

Maximize Transparency

Any planned maintenance efforts need to be top-down processes – and they must align with larger strategies, KPIs and metrics. Preventive maintenance software facilitates this at all levels, providing:

  • Work order information that technicians need
  • Customizable and automated reporting for decision-makers and stakeholders
  • KPI and metric tracking
  • Asset histories toreduce mistakes and costly rework

Improve Employee Satisfaction

If your technicians and operatorsdon’thave the work orders, manuals, checklists and spare parts they need to execute their jobs, it can be decrease morale along with efficiency. An intuitive, easy-to-use preventivemaintenancesoftware can reduce these frustrations and maximize employee satisfaction.

Reduce Downtime

By increasing employee efficiency, extending asset life, maximizinguptimeand reducing delays, preventive maintenance software can ultimately reduce downtime and associated lost revenue.

Make Better Decisions with The Right Information At the Right Time

To make effective asset management decisions, you need the right information. With Maintenance Connection, you can:

  • Record and access critical PM data across multiple locations. All PM information resides in one place and can be associated with multiple assets throughout Maintenance Connection.
  • Monitor unlimited amounts of manufacturer related specifications and metrics to make better decisions about how and when PMs are performed.
  • Keep your team and operations aligned by providing a single source of PM information for all stakeholders across the maintenance organization.

Improve Staff Utilization

  • Stay abreast of PM work and the status of team assignments. Balance workloads when scheduling preventive maintenance using Maintenance Connection’s PM Balancer.
  • Save man hours and improve prioritization of work through sophisticated monitoring of equipment and assets, such as basing PMs off cycle counts.
  • Never fall behind. Avoid missing deadlines--especially for regulatory compliance--with system-generated email notifications when a new PM is coming due.

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CMMS Features

Work Order Tracking

A work order management system gives you the capability to digitally create and track work orders with ease. Improve your process with automated scheduling. Include critical details such as requester, asset location, maintenance procedures, labor costs, and more.
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Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management software makes record keeping simple. Store details about your organization's assets in a single, online repository for safekeeping. Options like search and filter let you view historical information and upcoming maintenance schedules.
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Equipment Inventory Management

Inventory management measures accurate quantities of equipment on hand by location. Powerful barcoding adds the ability to perform quick inventory counts and conduct check in/out procedures for parts needed to complete tasks.
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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Software (PM software) equips you with valuable insights to save time and money. Easily create schedules, track procedures, set maintenance routines, balance workloads, and more with auto-generated schedules and PM notifications.
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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) empowers you to identify issues before equipment fails. This approach scans equipment data for performance trends and uses condition-based monitoring to trigger alerts so you can fix issues before they occur.
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Multi-Site CMMS

Maintenance Connection has been enabling enterprise organizations to have streamlined maintenance management for two decades.. Our software has been intricately designed to help companies add new locations, assets, labor and maintenance process with ease.

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CMMS Reporting

Maintenance reporting puts powerful data in the hands of those who need it. With over 200 canned reports available for automated scheduling, you can run reports that are proven to monitor work, set benchmarks, and uncover opportunities to improve maintenance operations.
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Mobile CMMS

Mobile CMMS equips technicians with the ability to create, update, and complete work orders from the field. Reduce work order completion times with access to asset and equipment details on any mobile device. Improve efficiency via automatic recording of time and materials.
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CMMS Security

Security in CMMS software allows you to protect your vital maintenance data at all potential access points, from physical server access at data centers to permission controls in the software to encryption of data transmitted over the Internet.
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