Automated Notifications

Communication made efficient. Automated alerts and notifications can help streamline schedules, fast-track approvals and facilitate execution of preventive maintenance

The Benefits of Automated Notifications 

Replacing manual tasks and legacy processes means more efficiency, less downtime and improved operations

Automate Preventive Maintenance Tasks 

The right system will provide the data and functionalities – like trigger-based alerts or email notifications– needed to automate preventive maintenance strategies, reducing equipment downtime and inefficient shutdowns.

Optimize Maintenance Management Efforts 

Automating previously manual day-to-day tasks – like ordering parts, updating inventory and compiling information for audits – can help your maintenance technicians save time, maximize productivity, reduce errors and focus.

Improved Collaboration and Efficiency 

Prevent duplicate work notifications and facilitate multi-device, multi-site collaboration with a centralized, transparent computerized maintenance management system.

Industry-Leading CMMS Automation Features

Maximize efficiency, improve processes and free up your team’s time with Maintenance Connection's robust features

Automatic Work Order Generation 

Allow your CMMS to automatically create work order requests – based on time, usage, or condition-based triggers – alert your maintenance staff to the issue and provide your technician with the information they need to resolve the problem.

I love MC Express and how easy it is to use. With the mobile units you can complete work orders from the field in a very short time, and it all goes directly into the database to be recalled whenever needed.



Streamlined Inventory Management

Effectively manage your suppliers, track inventory costs over time and automate resupply when stock levels get low to avoid critical asset downtime or skyrocketing inventory costs.

Auto-Generated Asset Notifications

Set rules to automate asset notifications based on asset health, criticality or priority. This can decrease your time to action when there is a problem and eliminate significant manual work.

Automated Daily Tasks 

Automate real-time day-to-day tasks like asset tracking, information recording and asset monitoring, thereby eliminating the need for human intervention and reducing the risk of error.

The Maintenance Connection Difference

Advanced Features

Advanced computerized maintenance management system functionality provides access to key features that will increase uptime, streamline multi-site operations and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs.

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Comprehensive Integrations

Use Maintenance Connection’s API to connect your maintenance department's facility management software to other mission-critical tools like your ERP, SCADA systems, EDMS, or HR systems.

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Customer Support

To properly set up automated triggers, your team will need to evaluate all possible errors or scenarios, document procedures for each scenario and establish triggers for certain events. Maintenance Connection’s team can help you with such processes and show you how your CMMS can help.

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Cloud-Based Options

Cloud-based asset management software functionalities help increase mobility, maximize scalability, simplify cross-system integrations, improve security and make life easier for your IT team.

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Compliance Management

Inspections and audits are an important part of any preventive maintenance program. With our enterprise asset management software, you can automate inspection schedules. That way, you can catch failures early, eliminate confusion and continuously pass compliance audits.

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Native Mobile Capabilities

Using Accruent’s CMMS mobile app, asset operators and technicians can update work orders, access important asset information, log meter readings and easily execute and update preventive maintenance tasks.

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