Equipment Inventory Management Software

The Right Parts, In the Right Place, at the Right Time. Find, purchase and organize the parts you need to keep your assets running, lower inventory costs and get rid of obsolete inventory

The Benefits of Great Equipment Inventory Software

The right user-friendly tool can simplify tracking equipment inventory, decreasing costs and streamlining workflows over time

Decrease Inventory Costs & Asset Downtime

By helping you track misplaced or out-of-stock parts and make sure your inventory levels are accurate, Maintenance Connection will ultimately help you maximize repair speed, increase the availability of inventory, eliminate costly rush orders and decrease overall downtime.

Maximize Technician Team Efficiency 

Organize your inventory and link inventory parts and locations with relevant work orders and asset tags to increase technician efficiency and productivity.

Eliminate Mismanaged Inventory 

Struggle no more with obsolete parts, missing inventory, poor inventory records and lackluster warehouse organization. Instead, use Maintenance Connection to locate parts, track quantities, streamline reorders and more.

Industry-Leading Equipment Inventory Management Features

Empower technicians, maximize accountability and lower inventory costs with industry-leading features and functionalities

Streamlined Inventory Management

Centralize all your inventory management information –including vendor information, reorder points for pieces of equipment, alternate item options and repair history -- in one accurate, detailed and automatically updated tool. Use this information to shorten order times, reduce loss and optimize facility management.

We use Maintenance Connection within our daily operation of a Public Works Facility. We use the software for maintaining all of our 30,000 assets. It is a very powerful tool for processing work orders, as well as managing assets and inventory.



Automated Reordering Software

The right equipment inventory software can automatically reorder parts when you need them. This can help your organization avoid ordering delays, overstock and high equipment downtime.

The ability to get basic information in quickly and ramp up at a speed that works for your group was the most attractive feature for us. As a user, I tend to rate things in the middle unless there is something special about it. I give MC very high ratings because it is deserved.

—G2Crowd User,

| Higher Education

QR and Barcode Scanner

Create and scan equipment barcodes and QR codes for any part to instantly populate work orders, help teams perform inventory counts, conduct check-in/out procedures for parts and more.

Comprehensive Inventory Reporting 

Built-in analytics can help you understand your parts consumption, streamline ordering, create audit trails, reduce costs and match parts with assets. Use this insight to forecast needs, make informed decisions and establish ideal stock levels, criticality and reorder points.

The Maintenance Connection Difference

CMMS Functionality

Integrate inventory details with other parts of the Maintenance Connection CMMS to increase uptime, streamline multi-site operations and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs.

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Comprehensive Integrations

Use Maintenance Connection’s API to connect to other mission-critical tools like your ERP, SCADA systems, EDMS, or HR systems.

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Customer Service

Use our Professional Services and Customer Support to get ongoing training and accelerate your time-to-value.

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Keep tabs on every piece of inventory, no matter where it is with real-time inventory tracking. This can streamline location transfers and increase both technician efficiency and asset uptime.

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Automated Notifications

You can automate all equipment maintenance notifications and even schedule equipment reports to maximize collaboration and increase company-wide insight into your numbers.

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Big-Picture Insights

By tracking inventory data over time, you can establish accurate maximum and minimum stock levels and find equipment usage patterns that can help inform ordering, improve facility efficiency and reduce inventory costs.

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