Introducing Maintenance Connection’s 2018 State of CMMS Report [Free Download]

Introducing the 2018 State of CMMS Report, an exclusive look at the maintenance operations of 1,500+ maintenance professionals. The report reveals how maintenance pros lower costs, reduce downtime and maximize their CMMS investments. It’s data you can’t find anywhere else. With it, pros at organizations of any size can improve their maintenance operations.


Download your free copy of the 2018 State of CMMS Report.

What industries have the highest rates of CMMS success? What types of organizations realize the strongest ROI from CMMS? Is preventive maintenance a driver of ROI? Download the 2018 State of CMMS Report to find out.

This year’s report was made possible by 1,500+ respondents in industries like education, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and more. Respondents’ roles ranged from maintenance management to operations to technicians to IT.

Get your complimentary copy of Maintenance Connection’s latest CMMS Report to learn:

  • How every additional asset you configure in a CMMS increases equipment life.
  • Why customer satisfaction improves as CMMS utilization increases.
  • How organizations that rely on preventive maintenance see better performance metrics.
  • Much more on maintenance improvements your organization can start making today.


The State of CMMS Past and Present

You may recall a report we released last year called the 2017 State of CMMS Report, which asked folks about general maintenance procedures, average monthly work orders and preventive maintenance ratios.

This year, we wanted to know this information and much more, like how your company benefits from a CMMS, how successful your implementation process was and if you have experienced tangible ROI from CMMS. Furthermore, we wanted to know how a variety of maintenance departments conduct operations, and whether a CMMS has positively impacted customer satisfaction rates, cost savings, equipment downtime, asset life and inventory management.

Together, these questions and more fueled the 2018 State of CMMS Report.

>>> See what questions we asked to create the report when you find your CMMS Score.

What are you waiting for? Learn how maintenance professionals across all industries are using CMMS to realize better cost savings, ROI and overall maintenance procedures. Download your copy of the report today.