Maintenance Connection Releases Groundbreaking 2018 Report on CMMS ROI

February 27, 2018 (Davis, Calif.) — Maintenance Connection, the industry’s leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) provider, just released their 2018 CMMS Benchmarks and Best Practices Report, an analysis of how maintenance software delivers value and benefits operations across industries that conduct maintenance on a daily basis. The report uses proprietary data collected from 1,500 maintenance professionals over the last three years about how they rate their maintenance programs and to what extent they have utilized a CMMS.


The data behind the 2018 CMMS Benchmarks and Best Practices Report was gleaned from a survey called The CMMS Score which asks a series of questions about how maintenance teams are using maintenance management software to improve their operational process. “We created the CMMS Score survey and corresponding report to measure success and identify tangible benefits of CMMS implementations, as reported by real users,” says Greg Squires, Maintenance Connection’s VP of Marketing. Respondents to the survey received a CMMS Score based upon their responses, and are given resources with best practices to guide them towards achieving maintenance mastery —covering topics ranging from asset management to preventive maintenance (PM), industry-specific insights and mobile CMMS. Respondents are also able to see where they rank compared to other maintenance professionals within their industry.


These results produced insights on maintenance processes across facilities of all sizes, with the majority of respondents responsible for maintaining over 1,000 assets.  The report spanned industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, government, education and more—the 2018 Benchmarks and Best Practices Report shows the majority of respondents who implement preventive maintenance schedules can expect to see the highest ROI. “We were intrigued to find that 88% of facilities that have substantially rolled out a CMMS report significant cost savings, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars,” explains Squires. “Successful CMMS implementations lead to improved daily operations, less operational downtime, improved labor efficiency, and more measurable cost savings.”


Another encouraging find is that in 2018, roughly 44% of organizations will perform more preventive maintenance than reactive maintenance.  This represents a promising shift from costly reactive maintenance to cost-saving preventative processes.  As a result, MC forecasts that the majority of companies’ maintenance will be more preventative than reactive by 2020. This is significant because companies that perform more preventive maintenance work also report greater cost savings on their CMMS investment.  Also by 2020, MC projects that 60% of organizations will be using a mobile CMMS solution to conduct their daily maintenance operations, up from 24% in 2016.  This means more productivity, real-time results, and better labor utilization.


Maintenance Connection has become an industry leader for a robust CMMS and enterprise maintenance management software, earning the Gartner 2017 Frontrunner Award and 2017 Plant Engineering Product of the Year. To read Maintenance Connection’s full 2018 CMMS Benchmarks and Best Practices Report, click on the link below. Or, take the five-minute survey to find your CMMS Score and get customized tips for progressing towards maintenance mastery.