MC Express Is Now Available!

Maintenance Connection has just launched MC Express, a new mobile application to complement its powerful maintenance management (CMMS) software. This application gives maintenance departments the capability to have access to Maintenance Connection anytime on almost any device wherever a wireless signal is available. MC Express can easily be configured to mirror any organization’s business practices and is an invaluable tool when it comes to improving productivity.

Organizations looking to find faster ways to complete maintenance tasks will appreciate the time savings that can be realized by using MC Express. The application decreases workflow timeframes by providing both technicians and managers immediate access to real-time information. Technicians can receive alerts about new work assignments instantly, and work requesters can obtain minute-by-minute status updates. Critical documents can also be added to work orders and be accessed from anywhere with MC Express, to
save time and improve productivity. Other powerful features, like logging wrench time with the start and stop of a timer, uploading images using a device’s on-board camera, and accessing the complete work history on any asset from out in the field, make MC Express an incredibly useful tool.

MC Express was built incorporating an extremely user-friendly interface. Like the rest of Maintenance Connection’s software, MC Express is delivered as an entirely browser-based application, which means no software has to be installed on any device, giving organizations the ability to get up and running quickly. “Maintenance Connection has meticulously and carefully laid out every screen, button and feature of MC Express. The application was thoughtfully designed and developed over the course of two years, using input from customers,” said Cary Yocum, Director of Sales and Marketing. “It was critical for Maintenance Connection to take the time to ensure MC Express would provide a mobile solution to meet all the needs of all users.”

The demand for mobility in maintenance management is on the rise as wireless technology has become faster and easier to obtain, and mobile devices have become more portable and less expensive. Similarly, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to become more “green” and eliminate the need for wasteful printouts like work orders and other maintenance records. MC Express can help organizations become more environmentally conscious while making a mobile workforce a reality. To see MC Express in action click here.