How do you keep your finely tuned technical devices in tip-top shape? If you use a calibration software to test and adjust your devices, you may be missing an opportunity to pull that data into Maintenance Connection for testing, calibration or adjustment work orders, as well as track changes to the readings as specifications over time. Here’s an example of one of the industry-leading integrations we’ve completed:


Fluke Biomedical leads the world in the manufacture of X-ray quality assurance products and biomedical test and simulation products. Our product lines include electrical safety testers, patient simulators, electrosurgery analyzers, radiation survey meters, phantoms, X-ray measurement, dose monitoring systems, infusion analyzers, defibrillator analyzers, and fully-integrated and automated performance testing and documentation systems to help you ensure staff and patient safety.

Ansur Test Automation software transforms the way test data is collected, measured and stored to mitigate risk and manage regulatory compliance. It is the premier digital solution for hospital quality assurance (QA) professionals to maximize productivity and increase profitability. This software standardizes work and reduces test time to both increase operational efficiency and reduce human error in QA regulatory and preventative-maintenance testing.