Expanding to new territories and locations is an exciting part of company growth. But networking and streamlining each site together can seem like a large mountain to climb. An enterprise maintenance management software can make the feat an easy task by saving a company time and money in any expansion process. The best enterprise maintenance management software providers ensure that the first implementation sets the stage for success so that subsequent sites have a proven framework to follow that is unique to their business model.



Important Components to Consider when Exploring an Enterprise Maintenance Management Software

Every growing company finds themselves deciding on expansion and business practices. One of the best decisions a company with multiple locations can make is to acquire an enterprise maintenance management system to manage their day to day operations. This one choice can help companies save thousands of dollars and many labor hours. An enterprise solution is the best option for a multi-site company but what are some key components to make sure are included in this enterprise CMMS package?

  • Detailed, real-time work order management
  • Customizable asset management
  • Integrated inventory system
  • PO integration into other modules
  • Ad hoc and customizable reporting abilities
  • Cloud-hosted and SaaS options
  • Labor and access management


Benefits of an Enterprise Maintenance Management Software

Enterprise-wide software can resolve many problems that have long plagued businesses attempting to share important information quickly and efficiently. Check out a few of the high-quality benefits a company will see with an enterprise CMMS: Increased asset life due to better decision making, streamline industry-specific tasks and procedures, web-based, one location information sharing and data storage and detailed asset/operations reporting.

Another great benefit of an enterprise CMMS is the ability for changes, transitions and additions within the company or assets to be conducted with ease. Now when an asset needs to be replaced, an employee transitions to a new position or a new location is built, all the information needed to make these changes is now within a few clicks and it is ready to go. No need to start all over or redo new procedures. Information and processes are stored within the enterprise CMMS and can be implemented at a moment’s notice.

Networking a company’s locations allows for a big picture view of the company’s overall operations, costs and future needs. Enterprise software allows for a fluid ability to work at different sites on a 24/7 basis without the need to transfer information or log into different software. The enterprise CMMS now becomes a one-stop solution for employees and management to conduct work and plan for future maintenance needs.


How an Enterprise Maintenance Management Implementation Magnifies Cost Savings

Return on Investment (ROI) and cost savings can be measured and achieved with an enterprise CMMS. According to a recent study from maintenance and facility professionals, they reported that 88% of facilities with substantial CMMS rollout have significant cost savings, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. These professionals now have insights that prove CMMS provides an ROI, improved decision-making, and facility assets, processes and labor alignment.

According to Reliable Plant, by implementing a great enterprise CMMS, a company can save between 12 to 18 percent on their maintenance costs. This can mean thousands of dollars being placed back into the budget for better use. Not only can maintenance expenses be reduced but another ROI experienced by enterprise CMMS customers is a reduction of 10 to 20 percent in energy costs. With streamline operations and employees able to access information quickly, energy costs will decrease. No more paper trails, better asset productivity, fewer labor hours spent and fewer machine downtimes mean more dollars back in the company wallet.


Finding the Right Solution

So how does a company find the right enterprise maintenance management software solution? The first step to making the right choice is to know the company’s needs. Does the company have PM schedules, consistent work orders, inventory to manage and costs associated? Is there a need for the software to be hosted at the company’s site or can the software be cloud hosted to save cost? What is the budget for this project and how many users will need access? All of these questions will aid in the selection process. Check out these helpful articles as well to aid in the enterprise CMMS selection process, questions to ask and what information is great to know.

A successful implementation of enterprise CMMS software will take a company to the top of their game and usher in improvements to operations that will bring a smile to their face. The benefits from using a CMMS software are limitless for your company. To learn more about enterprise CMMS integration, watch a free demo from Maintenance Connection.