How to Save Millions on Maintenance Costs with a CMMS [New Data]

How do you produce better maintenance outcomes?

New data we discovered from polling 1,000+ maintenance professionals has the answer. According to the new 2017 State of the CMMS Report, users with high levels of preventive maintenance save millions on costs each and every year. The survey responses come from approximately 1,000 maintenance professionals across 10 major industries. The majority of them work in maintenance daily or support those who do. And their answers to our questions illuminate the secret to successful maintenance operations:

Effective implementation of a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system.


Why CMMS implementation matters and how it can save millions.

Deeper, more effective CMMS implementation provides real benefits to maintenance teams. But don’t take our word for it. Look at the numbers.

  • About 88% of facilities that have substantially rolled out a CMMS report significant cost savings, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars.
  • Users who had a 50% or greater preventive maintenance ratio also saved tens of thousands to millions.
  • Furthermore, 78% of organizations that configure most of their assets in their CMMS report strong improvements to equipment life.

People benefit from wider CMMS implementation, too. 

Organizations that invest in CMMS training also see improvements in labor efficiency. (Again, even training a few employees created a rise in productivity.)  

Expanding a CMMS implementation to mobile also mattered. The more technicians that use a mobile CMMS, the greater the improvements in labor efficiency become. Not surprising, considering how a mobile CMMS allows technicians to access and update work orders from the field.


How you can realize the benefits of better implementation.

The numbers above that illustrate the importance and cost-saving benefits of CMMS implementation all come from our 2018 State of CMMS Report, a comprehensive analysis of how 1,000 maintenance professionals scored on a variety of maintenance-related questions.

The 2018 State of CMMS Report was made possible by the maintenance professionals who participated in this year€™s CMMS Score survey. Respondents were ranked from apprentice (those who may have just implemented a CMMS) to mover (maintenance teams that are experiencing tangible ROI from full implementation). Those who more effectively implemented a CMMS by configuring more assets and training more personnel in the software, as well as using these systems more frequently saw the best scores.

The full report contains even more insights into how your organization can achieve these results. (And you can find out your own score, too!) Click here to read the full report, or get your official CMMS Score today.