2021 Benchmarks & Best Practices For Maintenance Management

This benchmarks and best practices eBook will help your organization evaluate and improve your maintenance management program.

Over the last several years, maintenance programs have been gradually taking the leap from paper-based systems to digital tools – from simple spreadsheets to a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to distributed enterprise asset management (EAM) deployments. In 2021, as the maintenance labor market ages and as the skill gap continues to grow, the transition to digital is accelerating, and organizations are turning to technology to remain competitive and build the next generation of talent. As part of this digital transformation, we are seeing several important trends empowering the most effective maintenance programs:

  • Increased adoption of mobile technology
  • Increased use of preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance
  • Increased CMMS utilization and corresponding ROI

The 2021 Maintenance Management Benchmarks and Best Practices Report was created to help maintenance professionals and stakeholders evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their maintenance management programs by providing key insights gained from organizations and industry peers that are leading the charge in asset maintenance and management efficiency.
In this report, you will gain insights needed to:

  • Evaluate your maintenance management technology against current market trends and industry benchmarks
  • Realize the cost savings and ROI of modernizing your maintenance management programs with current technology
  • Implement best practices for improving maintenance management effectiveness


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