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Some Popular Accruent CMMS Resources:

Why a CMMS is Foundational to Manufacturing Maintenance Program Success

A comprehensive computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is crucial to solving many of the primary challenges faced in manufacturing maintenance.

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5 Consequences of Reactive Maintenance Strategies

Reactive maintenance was the predominant strategy for many years, but as new software and technology tools became available, proactive approaches such as preventive maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance became more prevalent.

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Understanding Unplanned Downtime Costs in the Chemical Industry

In the manufacturing industry alone, over $50 billion is lost annually due to unplanned downtime. The chemical industry represents a major segment of manufacturing and contributes significantly to this downtime loss number.

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Benefits of a Successful CMMS Implementation

Reduce Down Time

Reduce surprise breakdowns and improve system reliability with a proactive, preventive maintenance program.

Extend Equipment Life

Assets with regular, preventive maintenance last longer.


Expedite work orders with a seamless request process.

Improve Planning & Productivity

Reduce idle time and overtime with balanced & efficient work schedules.

Gain Maintenance Intelligence

Improve visibility & transparency of important maintenance information, including work order status, asset history, and solution documentation.

Improve Performance Measurement

Monitor key measures including labor productivity, PM compliance, downtime, backlog, service levels and reliability.

Establish Standards

Manage all maintenance activities in one system and create a consistent operations standard.

Optimize Inventory and Reduce Stock Outs

Improve management of spare parts and material inventories, and move faster with an accurate and organized inventory system.

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