Maintenance Connection works with a large number of cities, municipalities and governments in industries ranging from Parks to Utilities and Water. Through those relationships, we’ve built a number of integrations to make it even easier to use MC in your town. Here are a couple of set up for utilities:


iWater, Inc., offers unique services to the water/wastewater/storm water and gas/electrical industries. iWater’s goal is to provide customers with real-world information about their GIS and utility infrastructure. The company integrates scheduled maintenance with GIS data collection to offer an extremely low-cost data conversion. iWater has been helping utilities across North America since 2000.


PipeTech Software provides a cutting-edge product for generating pipeline inspection data.  They have a patented video indexing process for instant data retrieval from any camera system. Technicians have the option to automatically transfer data from the field into the office for further assessment. From there, users can run advanced searches, edit data, and generate a wide variety of reports.