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Work Orders Made Easy. Plan, create, assign, manage and analyze your work orders in one centralized, easy-to-use tool.

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The Benefits of Great Work Order Management

Efficient work order management can not only maximize maintenance team efficiency but also help cut costs, prevent failures, streamline workflows and optimize big-picture facility performance

Improve Preventive Maintenance Processes

Effective and transparent management of all incoming and existing maintenance requests can help your team plan and execute your maintenance processes without delays or silos. This, in turn, can improve field technician performance, extend asset life and decrease costs over time.

Leverage Data for Smarter Repair and Replace Decisions

Access to big-picture analytics and cumulative work order data helps your maintenance manager and team understand broader asset maintenance costs, answer key performance questions, streamline O&M workflows and optimize your repair and replace decisions in real time.

Centralize Mission-Critical Information

Access all the information you need to effectively execute your work orders – including warranty information, inventory data, photos and complete maintenance records – on any device, at any time.

Industry-Leading Work Order Management Features

Easy-to-use, multi-device work order management features eliminate silos and improve maintenance execution

Work Order Tracking with the Request Form Manager  - Main

Work Order Tracking with the Request Form Manager

Easily create, view, update and execute work order tracking in real time using the work order request manager. Access all critical details – including area, duration, order status, task type, parts availability and more – prioritize work orders and receive status updates via email or text message.

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We are able to add assets into unique site locations, tracking maintenance and money spent on assets. We are able to then link work orders to assets to make better and more responsible decisions when it comes to repair vs replace.


| Interior Health Authority

Inventory Management  - Main

Inventory Management

Low visibility into parts availability or location can cause significant cost increases and delays in average response time. Maintenance Connection’s inventory management feature helps your team purchase, organize, and access your parts easily, efficiently and directly in one central location.

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We use Maintenance Connection within our daily operation of a Public Works Facility. We use the software for maintaining all of our 30,000 assets. It is a very powerful tool for processing work orders, as well as managing assets and inventory.



Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics  - Main

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Create purpose-built reports to understand key metrics – like inventory costs, equipment usage or labor hours – and share findings needed to optimize your plans, asset purchases and maintenance schedules.

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Communication within our department is streamlined with WO assignment notifications and the use of MC Express. Updates to work orders can be made in real time, so the base office is aware as soon as repairs are completed. We can also directly email contractors of their new work orders and allow requesters to view the status of their requests.


| CSU Chico

Easy-to-Use Dashboard  - Main

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Easy-to-Use Dashboard View maintenance field requests, manage daily maintenance schedules, update metrics, add relevant notes and stay on top of your field team’s maintenance activities all from one centralized and configurable dashboard view.

Mobile Work Order App - Main

Mobile Work Order App

With MC Express, the Maintenance Connection mobile maintenance software, your field technicians can create, edit, or complete work orders directly via mobile device. Users can also access photos, user manuals, inventory levels and other critical information in just a few clicks.

The Maintenance Connection Difference

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) Functionality

Advanced maintenance management software functionality provides access to robust asset and facility maintenance features that will increase uptime, streamline multi-site operations and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs.

Comprehensive Integrations

Use Maintenance Connection’s API to connect to your maintenance department's other mission-critical tools— like your ERP, IoT tools, SCADA systems, EDMS, or HR systems – and unlock game-changing data.

Customer Support

Utilize Professional Services and Customer Support to accelerate time-to-value, receive ongoing computerized maintenance management system training and remain up to date with the latest features and system updates.

Real Time Information

Maintenance managers and technicians can update work orders, add pictures, and maximize efficiency with in-the-field access to work order information and all relevant data. This includes asset history information like serial numbers, service dates and locations.

Automated Notifications

You can automate maintenance notifications and even schedule reports to maximize collaboration among maintenance teams, streamline resource planning and increase company-wide insight into your numbers.

A Bird’s Eye View

Get a list of all maintenance tasks to filter, sort and find the work order you need at-a-glance. Use this bird’s eye view to speed up daily tasks and quickly gain insight into what’s actively being maintained in your facility.