Key CMMS Features and Functionalities

Increase asset uptime, streamline multi-site operations, maximize visibility and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs with Maintenance Connection’s powerful features.

Comprehensive Work Order Management

Effectively prioritize, review, assign, track and document work orders so you can streamline operations, reduce reactive maintenance, eliminate asset failure, prepare your business for audits and more.

CMMS Equipment Inventory Management

Maintenance teams often use and track thousands of MRO inventory items. We can help you automate purchases, keep track of parts details and track big-picture metrics like costs, order histories and usage statistics.

Mobile, Multi-Site Asset Management

Access key procedures and documentation anywhere, at any time to read meters, update work orders, use barcodes and QR codes, capture electronic signatures, locate inventory and more.

Intuitive Ease-of-Use

Maximize adoption, combat the skills gap, simplify training and meet the rising expectations of a digitally native team using Maintenance Connection’s user-friendly interface.

Accurate Records for Compliance and Audit Preparedness

Facilitate ongoing compliance with ever-changing regulations using functionalities like automated audit logs, searchable work records, intuitive document organization and more.

Actionable CMMS Reporting and Analytics

Streamline preventive maintenance tasks, manage KPIs, track equipment usage, increase revenue and maximize visibility using our reporting function. Customize reporting with pictures, notes and other important details.

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications help your team remain up to date with work order updates, asset status and other actions. Schedule maintenance and repairs using triggers and alerts that include relevant documentation like repair histories and asset manuals.

Powerful CMMS Security

Utilize many features created to keep your sensitive data safe, including role-based access permissions, single sign-on, secure cloud storage and other key restrictions and authorizations.

Comprehensive Integrations

Integrate with mission-critical tools like your document management system or analytics to effectively execute preventive maintenance or reach a more predictive state using Maintenance Connection’s RESTful API.

Flexible Options

Meet your organization’s security and scalability needs with multiple deployment and licensing options


  • No upfront software costs
  • System database backups
  • Automatic software upgrades
Maintenance Connection can be deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which allows customers to get up and running with low upfront software expenses.

On Premise

  • Self-hosted web application
  • Perpetual licensing option
  • SaaS option available
Maintenance Connection can run on your own computer network (intranet/LAN) so you can easily interface with other systems without being online.

Trusted Across 75+ Countries

For more than 30 years, Maintenance Connection has helped thousands of customers manage their assets and facilities.

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