CMMS Software

Computerized Maintenance Management System Software

Maintenance Connection CMMS is an award-winning work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and parts inventory solution. Our easy-to-use, web-based CMMS system helps you avoid costly failures before they happen, reduce downtime, and maximize your team's effectiveness at handling the most complex maintenance requests. Start a free trial today or watch a demo to get started!

CMMS Software Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection delivers CMMS software implementations that are certified for success. See how 350,000 maintenance professionals improve facility operations with MC. Is your maintenance management software certified for success?

Flexible Deployment Options

  • No upfront software costs
  • System database backups
  • Automatic software upgrades

Maintenance Connection can be deployed in a software as a service model, which allows customers to get up and running with no upfront software expense.

  • Self-hosted web application
  • Perpetual licensing option
  • SaaS option available

Maintenance Connection runs on your own computer network (Intranet/LAN). Easily interfaces with other systems without being online.

Flexible Licensing Options

Subscription license

Recurring monthly or annual fee
Cloud and On-Premise deployments

Pricing based on number of users

  • Named user licensing
  • Limited use licenses also available
  • Unlimited service requesters

Maintenance Connection offers a subscription-based licensing model based on the number of named users.

Perpetual license

Higher up-front purchase (capital expenditure)
Low annual support contract

Pricing based on number of users

  • Named user licensing
  • Limited use licenses also available
  • Unlimited service requesters

Maintenance Connection also offers a perpetual licensing model based on your organization's number of named users.

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Benefits of a Successful CMMS Implementation

Reduce Equipment Downtime and Extend Asset Life

Reduce surprise breakdowns, improve system reliability and extend equipment life with a proactive, preventive maintenance program.

Simplify Work Order Management

Optimize your work order management processes, streamline workflows, save money and achieve your preventive maintenance goals with a robust CMMS work order management system.


Expedite work orders with a seamless request process.

Improve Planning & Productivity

Reduce idle time and overtime with balanced & efficient work schedules.

Gain Maintenance Intelligence

Improve visibility & transparency of important maintenance information, including work order status, asset history, and solution documentation.

Improve Performance Measurement

Monitor key measures including labor productivity, PM compliance, downtime, backlog, service levels and reliability.

Establish Standards

Manage all maintenance activities in one system and create a consistent operations standard.

Optimize Inventory and Reduce Stock Outs

Improve management of spare parts and material inventories, and move faster with an accurate and organized inventory system.

See How Maintenance Connection serves 30+ Industries

  • Industrial
  • Facilities
  • Government


CMMS Work Order Management System

A CMMS work order management system can help your organization effectively manage your work order and facility management tasks so you can streamline operations and make data-driven business decisions. Using the Maintenance Connection computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), you can submit work orders, sort and manage your data and execute effective preventive maintenance strategies. This can ultimately reduce your emergency breakdowns, decrease your downtime, prepare your business for audits and more.

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Enterprise Asset Management

An enterprise asset management system, or EAM, is a robust asset and facility management tool that allows organizations to track, manage and analyze their asset performance throughout the entire asset lifecycle. An EAM generally offers a wide range of features, including:

  • An inventory management system
  • A project management system
  • Labor management tools
  • Service contract management
  • A purchasing management system
  • An accounting system and financial management

Learn About EAM Systems

CMMS Equipment Inventory Management

Your business must order, use and track thousands MRO (maintenance, repair and operating supply) items – and effective MRO inventory management is essential for effective facility and asset management. Maintenance Connection CMMS can make inventory management easier and less costly by helping you:

  • Inform technicians where to identify and find the parts they need for a specific repair.
  • Track all spare parts and relevant part data, including purchase date, where it’s stored and who it was purchased from.
  • Track important metrics like usage statistics and overall inventory costs.

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CMMS Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance strategies involve scheduled and forward-thinking maintenance tasks that are based on metrics and key data points. An effective preventive maintenance strategy can ultimately increase employee efficiency, maximize asset life, decrease unplanned downtime and maximize revenue.

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CMMS Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance involves the use of sensors, data and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to inform and predict maintenance needs before any concerns arise. Generally, predictive maintenance involves higher up-front technological investment, particularly for businesses starting with legacy systems.

Learn About CMMS Predictive Maintenance

Multi-Site CMMS

We live in a remote, multi-site world – particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. A multi-site, mobile CMMS system not only increases technician on-site efficiency but also provides real-time, comprehensive asset and facility data that organizations can use to decrease downtime, track critical assets, increase safety and save money.

Learn About Multi-Site CMMS Software

CMMS Reporting

If your team can’t efficiently gather, analyze and apply your asset data, your operations will likely under-perform and have lower-than-expected revenue. Robust CMMS reporting, on the other hand, can help your organization streamline preventive maintenance tasks and:

  • Connect with all relevant systems so your data is always available to those who need it.
  • Easily generate custom reports on things like asset downtime or cost of inventory so you can answer important questions about your asset management and maintenance operations.
  • Gather all relevant information about an asset in one place.
  • Effectively track equipment usage and performance

Learn About CMMS Reporting

Mobile CMMS

Easy-to-use mobile capabilities allow your CMMS users to work directly at their point of need and find key information like:

  • Procedures and documentation
  • An asset’s maintenance history
  • Parts availability
  • Work order status

Learn About Our Mobile CMMS

CMMS Security

A top-tier CMMS or EAM like Maintenance Connection will include security features like:

  • Access control to make sure that only key employees are authorized to access resources
  • Single sign-on for secure authentication
  • Cloud-based storage

Learn About Our CMMS Security