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Enterprise Asset Management Program

An enterprise asset management (EAM) program is a suite of tools, practices and software that allows organizations to effectively maintain, control and analyze their assets and infrastructure throughout all phases of the asset lifecycle.

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Features of an Effective Enterprise Asset Management Program

Comprehensive, Flexible Functionality

A modern EAM can provide the scalable, flexible functionality your team needs – no matter your organization’s size, complexity, or number of sites.

Multi-Site Capabilities

An EAM provides a centralized view of enterprise-wide asset and facility data, helping to streamline information and reconcile language differences, tagging differences and more.

Reporting and Dashboards

Powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities can cover many sites and departments, including inventory, finances and more.

Comprehensive, Flexible Functionality

An effective enterprise asset management program needs robust software that can scale up or scale down to meet your organization’s current needs. Maintenance Connection can provide straightforward CMMS functionality like work order management. It can also be extended to include EAM-level functionality like:

  • Inventory management
  • Financial management
  • Purchasing
  • Multi-site capabilities and more

Multi-Site Capabilities

EAM software and best practices allow for true multi-site operations, helping to reconcile siloed information, get teams on the same page and find common ground across sites and systems. This is accomplished by an EAM’s ability to:

  • Help teams manage more assets in more locations – Provide a scalable technological infrastructure
  • Create a centralized view that allows for comparison and insight across sites
  • Help teams to streamline language, tagging and nomenclature among sites
  • Reconcile technology across sites and locations

Reporting and Dashboards

If you cannot effectively gather, assess, and use your equipment data, your operations will be inefficient and under-productive. EAM software can help you extract meaningful data to pinpoint maintenance needs and manage KPIs. EAM dashboards can specifically cover:

  • Multi-site insights
  • Financial functions
  • Inventory, etc.