Mobile CMMS App ― Anytime, Anywhere Maintenance Management

Maintenance in the field has never been easier or more powerful. Everything you need for asset management across 1 or even 100s of sites, using MC Kinetic.

Maintenance Connection Mobile CMMS software

MC Kinetic Mobile CMMS — Any site. Any industry. Any time.

Maintenance teams operating throughout remote or multiple sites need a strong mobile app so they can easily manage work orders, access key info, and standardize data across locations.

Improve Asset Life

A multi-site, mobile computerized maintenance management system provides the visibility needed for efficient work order management and preventive maintenance by providing full trackability of parts inventory and work orders, complete visibility into asset history, and accountability for maintenance technicians.

Centralize Critical Information

With a SaaS solution, every user will have access to the same, comprehensive information— across sites and mobile devices – in one single location. This streamlines work, reduces mistakes, eliminates information siloes, and allows teams to work effectively and plan for future maintenance needs.

Streamline Maintenance Operations Across Locations

If your business is growing, you are going to expand and add additional sites, assets and employees. With a multi-site CMMS software, any new equipment can be quickly inherited from the original setup – and you can easily maintain consistent procedures and ensure data integrity.

The Mobile CMMS App That Leads the Industry

Empower technicians, maximize accountability, improve asset health and lower inventory costs with MC Kinetic’s industry-leading features and functionalities.


Native Mobile Functionality

Use MC Kinetic offline, native mobile app to execute preventive maintenance optimize maintenance operations, and utilize your important data using one centralized tool – no connectivity concerns, no efficiency losses, and no difficulty locating assets or parts.

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[The mobile app] is one of the main advantages to the software. To be able to have anyone with a smart able to do the work remotely, it's a big advantage"

— Harry Silverman, AVP Engineering, L'Oréal


Enterprise-Level Information Management

Centralize asset and facility management information – and access it across multiple devices and locations – to understand big-picture information and analyze performance on a broader scale.

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I love the MC mobile app and how easy it is to use. With the mobile units you can complete work orders from the field in a very short time, and it all goes directly into the database to be recalled whenever needed."



Comprehensive Inventory Visibility

With multi-location inventory management, you can get a more complete understanding of your inventory availability and location. Use this information to increase workflow efficiency, streamline work order management, decrease obsolete parts, and more.

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The system makes our field technicians more accountable of the hours they are spending on maintenance requests. It also allows us to accurately track how much time is dedicated to projects."

—G2 Crowd User,

Facilities Services


Barcode and QR Scanning

Allow your technicians to access the information they need – including schematics or manuals for individual assets – by scanning barcodes or QR codes directly on the plant floor.


Offline Capabilities

With Maintenance Connection’s MC Kinetic native mobile app, you don’t need an internet connection to accurately edit work orders, track time, create assets and log other important day-to-day information.

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Before MC, we [had] problems [maintaining] our vehicles…Now the maintenance technicians can... [complete] all the required maintenance, whether it be weekly, quarterly or annually. "

— Andre Ferraro, Facility And Asset Management Clerk

| LifeSouth Community Blood Centers


Geo-Location Mapping

Increase the efficiency and agility of your mobile maintenance management team with scalable functionality like geo-location mapping, configurable reporting, cached workbenches, and automatic refresh.

The Maintenance Connection Mobile CMMS Difference

The Maintenance Connection Difference

Advanced mobility work CMMS functionality provides access to key features that will increase uptime, streamline multi-site operations and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs.

Comprehensive Integrations

Use Maintenance Connection’s API to connect to other mission-critical tools like your ERP, SCADA systems, EDMS, or HR systems.

More Technician Accountability

Hold your field technicians more accountable of hours spent on maintenance requests with start/stop clock functionality. Use this feature to log wrench time and understand where time is spent and how.

Real-Time Information

Protect yourself and your organization with accurate and up-to-date documentation of work. With MC Kinetic, you can eliminate pain points like lack of connectivity, incomplete information, and inefficiency on the plant floor. Instead, enjoy anytime, anywhere access to real-time, complete information.

Automated Notifications

You can automate maintenance notifications and even schedule reports to maximize collaboration and increase company-wide insight into your numbers.

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Get a list of all maintenance tasks to filter, sort, and find the work order you need at-a-glance. Use information updated in the field to get a bottom-to-top understanding of your maintenance tasks and other key insights.