Comprehensive Integrations

Connect to all your important systems. Extend the capabilities of your maintenance management software by connecting to all your most important tools and teams via seamless integrations and add-ons

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The Benefits of Comprehensive CMMS Integrations

If you want to keep your teams connected, optimize workflows and make data-driven business decisions, you need to make sure that your business-critical information is connected

Get the Most Out of Your Systems

You likely have powerful systems in play for your accounting, inventory, purchasing, human resources, etc. Connecting these systems can help you get the most out of each one, helping you improve response time, decrease errors and avoid duplicate efforts.

Use A Single Tool That Works with You

If your systems aren’t talking to each other, you’ll inevitably face communication silos and lower efficiency over time. Connecting your tools, on the other hand, can help you improve real-time equipment condition, streamline work management, simplify collaboration and make data-driven decisions.

Optimize Maintenance Practices

With comprehensive integrations, you can connect your sensors, meters, document management tools, inventory management – the list goes on. This can provide real-time insight into your assets that you can use to automate work orders, establish key maintenance metrics and optimize preventive maintenance practices.

Industry-Leading Integration Features

Configurable and robust features provide visibility needed to streamline tasks, meet KPIs and improve decision-making.

Intuitive UI

Easily import and export data from your files and maintenance applications, schedule integrations and use guided integration set-ups to simplify the integration process – no mistakes, no IT consultants required.

Red Quote

Having come from two other CMMS systems MC is hands down the best, from PMs all the way down to inventory and especially tech support."



Pre-Built Integration Hub

You can connect to any software with Maintenance Connection. That said, through our Integration Partnerships, you can streamline your integration project using pre-built integrations with building automation systems, accounting systems, ERPs, fleet management tools and more.

Maintenance Connection Web API

The Web API gives you and third-party providers secure access to retrieve and update data in your Maintenance Connection database. Utilize the REST service to query work orders, parts and virtually any data within the system. Develop HTTP-based procedures to update this data real-time to keep Maintenance Connection in sync with other systems.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Add-On

The LDAP add-on automates and simplifies the user management process by helping your identified users access the tool seamlessly and easily. This can help maximize efficiency and improve workflows over time.

The Maintenance Connection Difference

CMMS Functionality

Advanced CMMS functionality provides access to robust asset and facility management functionalities that will increase uptime, streamline multi-site operations and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs.

Mobile Functionality

Get anytime, anywhere access to your mission-critical information, update work orders and more with MC Express' true mobile functionality.

Customer Support

Use our Professional Services and Customer Support toprovide your maintenance department with ongoing training and accelerate your time-to-value.

Real-Time Information

Your maintenance technicians can update work orders, add pictures, and maximize efficiency with in-the-field access to work order info and all your mission-critical data.

Automated Notifications

You can automate maintenance notifications and even schedule reports to maximize collaboration and increase company-wide insight into your numbers.

A Bird’s Eye View

Get a list of all maintenance tasks to filter, sort and find the work order you need at-a-glance.