Reporting And Analytics

Centralize, analyze and use your maintenance data. Use configurable maintenance reporting software to analyze key metrics – like work order completion rates or labor costs – and make better maintenance decisions.

Reporting And Analytics

The Benefits of Robust Reporting and Analytics

Meet rising expectations and overcome persistent pain points – like overdue preventive maintenance tasks, high equipment downtime or high inventory costs – with actionable insights

Use Real-Time Insight to Optimize Maintenance Processes

Utilize a variety of configurable reports – including labor reports, work order reports and asset reports – to get a real-time, at-a-glance understanding of where inefficiencies may be happening, where your money is going, where there’s room for improvement and more. Maintenance managers can use that insight to meet targets and improve maintenance operations.

Maximize Transparency Across Your Organization

User-friendly tools like the Report Wizard and Reporter module allow your maintenance teams to easily create, modify, and run reports – no specialized skill or consultant required. They can then be exported as PDFs or added to shared dashboards so your entire team can work toward the same goals.

Gain Multi-Site, Multi-Device Visibility

Compare metrics across sites or over time, set benchmarks and view your reports on mobile, tablet or desktop devices for real-time, actionable transparency and visibility.

Industry-Leading Reporting and Analytics Features

Configurable and robust computerized maintenance management software features provide visibility needed to streamline tasks, meet KPIs and improve decision-making.

Dashboard Features and Reports for Forecasting

Use historical and real-time data to forecast the parts you’ll need for upcoming maintenance, the work orders that will likely cause breakdowns and more. Use this information to sidestep major repair problems and make big-picture maintenance improvements.

Red Quote

The reporting ... saved us $105,000 last year through centralized vendor comparisons. By reducing quantities on hand by 10% across the board, we’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary parts spending.

—  Dion Archuleta, Storeroom & Mobile Equipment Coordinator,

| Trinchero Family Estates

Hundreds of Configurable and Out-of-the-Box Reports

Access over 150 pre-populated reports sorted in folders by category. Use SMART reports to modify and view data from within the reports themselves, making batch edits or status updates simple. For more custom reports, you can define and assign metrics, KPIs and reports unique to the different sites and levels in your organization.

KPI Dashboard

Set your maintenance operation’s most important key performance indicators (KPIs) and get real-time updates on those KPIs. Use this information to understand your progress, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions quickly.

Automated Notifications and Exports

Create a visual and PDF report for any premade dashboard to share with teammates throughout your organization. Schedule those reports to run automatically and send them out on a daily, weekly, monthly or customized basis for company-wide transparency and insights.

Maintenance Logs for Audit Preparedness

Build reports and send them via email so you have all the information you need to prepare for audits in one place. Use the audit log to capture all work order updates and complete maintenance records so you always know what happened and when.

A Deeper Look

Maintenance Connection Computerized Maintenance Management System Reports

Labor Reports

Gain a holistic view of your maintenance team's performance -- looking at things like preventive maintenance schedules, purchase orders placed, and work orders completed – and use this insight to identify and resolve poor practices, lack of training, skipped PM schedules and more.

Inventory and Spare Parts Management Reports

Do you know what MRO inventory parts you have in stock, where they are and what you need to order? Our Inventory and Spare Parts Management reports can help you maximize visibility into your parts and supplies so you never lose parts, over-order, run low or experience inventory-related asset downtime.

Work Order Management Reports

Get full visibility into every single work order as its created, assigned, scheduled, executed and closed. Filter these reports to drill down into certain criteria – like vendor, technician, status or location – and present your findings in graphs, PDFs, Excel sheets or CSV files.

Maintenance History Reports

To execute preventive maintenance tasks effectively, it’s important for you to see all related data, like how many work orders have been completed, what parts were used, what repairs have been completed and more. With our Maintenance History reports, you can answer all of these questions and more.

Asset and Equipment Depreciation Reports

These reports can help you understand your assets’ expected lifespan, history, current requirements and more. Use this information to make informed capital planning and budgeting decisions.

Configurable Reports through Extract Module

You can also create more granular, configured reports that align with your team’s KPIs and needs.