Discrete Manufacturing

Optimize your work order management and operate more predictively with our purpose-built CMMS for discrete manufacturing

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Maintenance Connection Is Your Go-To Discrete Manufacturing CMMS

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

Companies manufacturing medical devices must work hard to avoid defects and ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and FDA standards, including 21 CFR Part 11. With features like comprehensive audit trails, electronic signature capture, and optimized work order management, Maintenance Connection can help medical device manufacturers:  

  • Maintain FDA compliance  
  • Streamline their calibration  
  • Extend asset life  
  • Prevent and predict equipment failures  
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance
Automotive and Aerospace

Automotive and Aerospace

In the automotive and aerospace industries, organizations are under heavy regulations. At the same time, they’re working hard to make consistent improvements to their manufacturing process and to be at the forefront of new technology.  

Maintenance Connection can help and:  

  • Streamline their metrology/calibration  
  • Help maintain compliance, particularly with government contracts  
  • Allow organizations to run more efficiently with automation and robotics
Machinery, Instrumentation, and Appliances (MIA)

Machinery, Instrumentation, and Appliances (MIA)

Organizations in the machinery, instrumentation, and appliance manufacturing industries face a wide range of challenges – and they must do everything they can to optimize their operations and their production flow. Maintenance Connection can help these organizations:  

  • Eliminate downtime  
  • Automate work order management  
  • Streamline asset maintenance  
  • Maintain product quality  
  • Maintain calibration and compliance