MC Gives Back

As a company, we’re committed to a cause greater than ourselves. We believe in a corporate responsibility to give back to our communities and impact our world in a positive way. This concept has made its way into the fabric of our organization: in how we treat our customers and employees and the methods by which we do business. We exist to make a positive impact in our world by creating world class software solutions.

MC Gives Back Projects

We partner with charitable organizations for an annual project where our MC staff spends time serving and giving back. Visit the MC Gives Back blog to read stories and learn more about the recent projects.

We have constructed a strategy we’ve coined as “1-1-1” which includes giving back in the following ways:

Give Back 1% of Annual Profit

At the end of each fiscal year, our management team collaborates with employees to identify causes and organizations where we can donate 1% of the annual earnings. Beneficiaries of these donations include American Cancer Society, Heifer International, World Vision, UNOS,, several local churches, and many other organizations.

Give Back 1% of Software

We recognize that Maintenance Connection has a functional and financial fit for a certain type of organization. However, there are often worthy organizations (often non-profit) who could greatly benefit from a CMMS software such as Maintenance Connection, but cannot justify the expense into their budget. For this reason, we’ve created another aspect of our 1-1-1 plan which includes donating the equivalent of 1% of our annual revenue to these organizations in the form of free or discounted software.

Give Back 1% of Employee Time

Each employee at Maintenance Connection is strongly encouraged to find a local non-profit organization or needy cause to spend up to 1% of their time each month finding ways to serve. We believe this approach not only produces good in our local communities, but provides a more significant purpose for our staff outside of their work life. Whether it’s donating blood, picking up groceries for the elderly, or volunteering at a local church, Maintenance Connection staff have committed to making this impact on the community through hundreds of volunteer hours. We are proud to have an altruistic group of individuals who find value in serving others.