Intuitive Ease-of-Use

Maximize CMMS adoption and usability. An intuitive, user-friendly system can maximize adoption, reduce errors and help you unlock the true capabilities of your CMMS

The Benefits of a User-Friendly Computerized Maintenance Management System 

A functionally deep, intuitive CMMS can maximize efficiency, increase agility and streamline digital transformation efforts

Improve Efficiency

An easy-to-use CMMS system that’s suited to your technicians’ processes and responsive to their needs will help them execute maintenance tasks more effectively.

Optimize Preventive Maintenance Capabilities

Robust reporting capabilities, automatic email and notification triggers, drag and drop capabilities and automatic preventive maintenance scheduling can help your team plan and execute an effective preventive maintenance plan.

Increase ROI

By allowing your team to effectively connect critical systems, reduce downtime, prioritize work orders and more, a centralized CMMS solution can increase your ROI and help you scale your business.

Industry-Leading User-Friendly CMMS Features 

Take your efficiency, effectiveness and team engagement to the next level with the right CMMS features and functionalities.

Consolidated Data 

By helping you consolidate work order data, billing and invoicing information, inventory management systems and asset management tools, Maintenance Connection can help reduce common pain points – like unavailable inventory and unexpected downtime – and facilitate informed decision-making.

Robust Team Management Features

Features like mobile access, a device-agnostic user interface, barcode-enabled workforce tracking and API access can increase efficiency while providing maintenance managers with more visibility into their maintenance technicians and teams.

Streamlined Work Order Management 

Submit work orders, track changes, access relevant information – including photos, user manuals and asset maintenance history – all from one centralized location to streamline workflows, prepare for audits and improve maintenance processes.

Transparent Asset Maintenance Management 

Gain full visibility into part information, asset documents, engineering document artifacts, work order history and more. Use this information to inform – and even automate – your reactive, predictive and preventive maintenance programs.  

The Maintenance Connection Difference

Maximized Security

Maintenance Connection comes with many features meant to keep your sensitive data secure, including secure cloud storage, user authorizations and restrictions, and single sign-on.

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Straightforward Migrations

Need to migrate data from other important tools – like our ERP, SCADA systems, EDMS, or HR systems – or from disparate legacy systems? We can help simplify the process to ensure that your data is complete, up-to-date and useful to you.

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Customer Support

Maintenance Connection’s team will provide help with implementation, training and ongoing support. We will also help customize your functionality and user experience so your CMMS fits the unique needs and preferences of your maintenance team.

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Cloud-Based Options

Cloud-based functionalities help increase mobility, maximize scalability, simplify cross-system integrations, improve security and make life easier for your IT team.

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Automated Notifications

You can automate maintenance notifications and even schedule reports to maximize collaboration and increase company-wide insight into your numbers.

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Configurable Features

Your organization is unique, and your team will interact with your CMMS differently than others. With our maintenance software, you can configure key functionalities and options to meet your unique maintenance goals and maximize widespread adoption.

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