When it comes to managing maintenance for local, state and federal organizations in the public sector, there’s nothing more important than ensuring uptime, reliability and responsible resource management.

Because governments work to serve the people, an effective maintenance strategy enabled by a CMMS helps organizations to increase asset visibility, improve work order management and diminish asset downtime.

Read on to learn three ways a CMMS improves maintenance strategy across local, state and federal government organizations.


1. Increase visibility with automated reporting

In every sector of the government, maintenance professionals need access to critical data to report and present information to decision makers. To ensure economic stability in a safe and livable environment, government organizations rely on a CMMS for increased visibility into operations.

A CMMS enables government organizations to improve decision-making processes by accessing real-time data through summary charts and graphs. Since CMMS acts as a central database with records of all maintenance performed, technicians can prevent equipment failures and lower maintenance costs with improved visibility into historical records and upcoming service needs.

Plus, with several regulations to comply with, government maintenance professionals can quickly produce reports on factors like service requests and asset downtime. As a result, the CMMS helps management stay organized and compliant with outside regulations to keep production equipment safe and reliable.


2. Streamline operations with work order management

Managing maintenance for any public sector is no small task for the governing bodies involved. There are several departments to consider, including how a city government has to manage public works, parks and recreation, municipalities, and water and wastewater plants. Now, consider the number of assets in each department, the number of technicians out in the field, and the number of citizens that depend on the city government for a clean, healthy living environment. It’s no surprise that without a central system, work orders can get misplaced and technicians may work inefficiently.

With technicians spread across a number of departments to service thousands of assets, work order tracking on a CMMS provides government maintenance professionals the full visibility they need to see the status of service requests. This allows the maintenance manager to easily respond, assign tasks and resolve issues while keeping track of time and money spent. When maintenance is properly scheduled, less downtime occurs. And as a result, the CMMS significantly improves efficiency and productivity of the entire organization.

Beyond that, a CMMS provides management with the proper tools to communicate requests across an entire organization. Not only does this improve the way the organization does maintenance, but it also benefits personnel on a daily basis.


3. Diminish asset downtime with preventive maintenance

To create value for the public, preventive maintenance (PM) is essential for all government-related assets. Equipment downtime has the potential to put lives in danger or at risk. To be proactive, maintenance professionals utilize CMMS software to schedule and plan with a PM schedule.

With a CMMS, government organizations can predict and prevent downtime before it even occurs to keep critical assets up and running. This enhances asset performance by increasing uptime and efficiency while diminishing technician overtime and inventory spending.

Since all PM information resides on one system, management is able to track asset health across different locations and departments. This helps to identify the most effective PM schedule, providing maintenance with valuable task instructions and estimated materials on work orders. As a result, maintenance teams have less unplanned downtime and the organization is more likely to adhere to budgets. The saved time and money free up management to focus their efforts elsewhere and, most importantly, provides citizens with the safe, livable conditions they need.

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Image credit: Pixabay