It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year of monumental change for businesses and for society as a whole. Once considered a “nice-to-have,” technology-led operations and remote capabilities have become an indispensable component of successful day-to-day operations – and companies around the world have worked double-time to make sure that their businesses are up to snuff.

For asset-heavy businesses, mission-critical tools like a robust Computerized Maintenance Management system (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software have become more essential than ever, providing the businesses they serve with the transparency and control they need to thrive in a multi-site environment.

The latest version of Maintenance Connection for the cloud aims to support global organizations even more by providing them with key international focused enhancements – through features like localized language support – along with a modern, scalable user interface (UI) and enhanced reporting capabilities. These features will provide businesses with the cumulative, real-time, global metrics they need to make the informed, data-driven decisions that will keep their businesses profitable.

New Maintenance Connection v9.3 Functionality

Updated User Interface

Maintenance Connection is known for its robust product performance and feature set that will help businesses manage work orders, improve organization, decrease maintenance costs, increase labor efficiency, and execute preventive maintenance.

The latest update ensures that the tool also provides a relevant, fresh user experience. For a mission-critical tool like a CMMS, widespread adoption and comprehensive training and understanding of the tool are absolutely critical to its success. Without it, CMMS users and decisions-makers will wind up grappling with duplicate or missing data, out-of-date metrics, and inaccurate – all of which can hinder a company’s ability to make the most out of the tool.

With this updated user interface, Maintenance Connection is more intuitive and user-friendly than ever. Specifically, the home page, module records, and reporting and KPIs have all received modern updates to stay in line with modern software advancements/trends while providing continued CMMS software market-leading ease-of-use. This will ultimately increase adoption, ensure data accuracy, and streamline operations and insights.

Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

If your reports and dashboards are populated with the right data, they can be some of your business’ most invaluable tools, giving you key insight into data that is relevant to all sites and levels within your organization. Specifically, asset maintenance reporting can show key insights into:

  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Full Asset lifecycle visibility
  • Employee productivity
  • Equipment downtime and broader profit and loss reporting

This is particularly helpful – and particularly difficult to accumulate through other means – if you have data coming in from many assets, employees and locations – as is the case with a multi-site operation.

That said, this only really works if those reports are in-depth, relevant and easy to leverage. In the newest iteration of Maintenance Connection, greater focus has been given to developing reports that provide in-depth, executive-level dashboards and readouts, along with increased performance scaling to meet the growing needs of today’s global enterprises. Visual updates have also been completed for the graphs, charts, and KPIs found in Maintenance Connection’s reporter and dashboard modules, allowing for more efficient visualization of data across the organization.

Updated Native Translations

If you run a large enterprise corporation or your business has locations in multiple regions of the world, you know that language and communication barriers can be real points of friction that can hinder production and efficiency.

In a continued effort to support the global enterprise, Maintenance Connection native translations have been updated to include German, Spanish and French. This update introduces a true, professionally translated localized experience for users that have specific language, dialect, cultural, and numerical requirements and needs.

Ultimately, this allows Maintenance Connection to provide an enhanced user experience across locations while ensuring that multi-national teams can communicate effectively and function at the highest level of asset maintenance and reliability excellence.

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