When it comes to managing work orders, scheduling preventative maintenance, and sourcing quality parts, nothing compares to Maintenance Connection CMMS. This comprehensive computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) from Accruent helps you avoid costly failures before they happen and minimizes downtime.


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Best Building Maintenance Software Features

  • Work order management: Streamline operations, reduce equipment failures, and reduce downtime by prioritizing, reviewing, assigning, and tracking work orders through one simple platform.
  • Automated notifications: With automated notifications that include information like repair histories and asset manuals, your team can get equipment up and running quickly.
  • Audit and compliance: Stay compliant and ready for audits with automated logs, searchable records, organized documents, and other helpful features.
  • Comprehensive integrations: Maintenance Connection seamlessly integrates with your mission-critical applications to optimize workflows and allow you to make data-informed business decisions.
  • Inventory management: Use our inventory management tools to automate purchases, save part details, and track important metrics like cost, order history, and usage.
  • Intuitive interface: Our easy-to-use interface guarantees high adoption rates and meets the expectations of tech-savvy employees.
  • Mobile capabilities: Your team needs building maintenance software that functions in every location from the factory floor and assembly line to retail locations.
  • Top-notch security: With role-based access permissions, single sign-on, and secure cloud storage, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your sensitive data.
  • Reporting and analytics: Use our customizable maintenance reporting software to track and analyze important data and make informed decisions to increase your revenue.

Benefits of Maintenance Connection Building Maintenance Software

  1. Facilitates digital transformation: Rather than using disparate Word and Excel documents to track work orders, building maintenance software modernizes your business and centralizes maintenance activities into one platform.
  2. Lowers maintenance costs: By streamlining key asset management processes and centralizing information, businesses can avoid costly emergency repairs, time-consuming reactive maintenance, and downtime.
  3. Provides business insights: With a centralized repository of asset and facility management information and real-time data, professionals can use these at-a-glance insights to make smarter, more informed decisions about their business.
  4. Arms maintenance crew with information: Maintenance crews out in the field can use Maintenance Connection’s offline native mobile CMMS app to manage work orders, access equipment information, and share updates in real time.

Long-Term Success with Accruent

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Building Maintenance Software FAQs

What is building maintenance software?

Building maintenance software streamlines and manages the maintenance activities of buildings, facilities, or properties. It helps property managers, maintenance teams, and facility operators automate and organize tasks related to building maintenance.

What is a CMMS for building maintenance?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is software used to manage building maintenance. Many people commonly refer to it as building maintenance software. A CMMS for building maintenance helps manage and improve maintenance tasks, work orders, assets, and resources in one place. The best building maintenance software options provide a range of features and functionalities to facilitate efficient maintenance operations.

Why is building maintenance software important?

The best building maintenance software streamlines maintenance operations and improves efficiencies by centralizing information and automating processes. It reduces downtime and cuts costs by scheduling routine inspections, tracking maintenance history, and monitoring equipment performance. It also assists with compliance requirements and auditing processes.

Which software is best for system maintenance?

The best software for managing system maintenance is a comprehensive computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Choosing the best CMMS for your business comes down to your specific requirements and budget. But the best building maintenance software should allow for automated inventory purchases, detailed reporting and analytics, the ability to streamline maintenance requests, building automation systems, and a comprehensive view of work orders.

Which software is used in building maintenance systems?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), a facility asset management software, and energy management software are different types of software that can be used as a part of your building maintenance system.