With five major manufacturing facilities and 15 distribution centers in the U.S. alone, L’Oréal has thousands of employees to keep track of – not to mention assets. At a time of high growth, the company recognized its need for better maintenance management.

L’Oréal sought out an easy-to-use solution to help maintain the lifespan of its equipment and track asset health, so they chose Maintenance Connection’s CMMS.

Before implementing a CMMS, L’Oréal didn’t have an easy way to report on performance KPIs, including causes of asset downtime. The global cosmetics manufacturer searched for a strategy that considered both capital and maintenance team performance.


CMMS Diminishes Downtime, Increases Technician Utilization

With the help of Maintenance Connection, L’Oréal is able to successfully report on performance KPIs, including causes for asset downtime from anywhere in the field. For example, the team is able to pinpoint how and why downtime is occurring. This makes it easy for L’Oréal to track maintenance-related issues and provide viable solutions through executive reporting.


L’Oréal Gains Improved Reporting

Since reporting is critical at L’Oréal, the team utilizes Maintenance Connection to quantify performance. The team relies on the CMMS for:

  • Executive reporting for a snapshot of maintenance performance
  • Real-time asset information and work-order progress from mechanics and technicians
  • Scheduled downtime and preventive maintenance when a machine is serviced based on historic equipment needs

A CMMS provides the L’Oréal team with the ability to produce detailed reports, house all asset information into one place, increase mechanic utilization on the floor and decrease the risk of downtime associated with a breakdown.

Learn how you can diminish downtime and improve team reporting with a CMMS. Download our latest case study to learn more about how L’Oréal improved operations with Maintenance Connection.