Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry, especially for casinos. Vegas Inc states that the revenue of a casino comes from more than gambling it depends heavily on the non-gaming experiences like operations.

As the operations of a casino become more elaborate thanks to today’s technology, there’s an even stronger need for smart maintenance. That’s because a casino’s customer satisfaction depends on the health of thousands of assets within from slot machines to behind-the-scene equipment like lights and HVAC systems.

And when downtime occurs, the maintenance team knows how quickly customer satisfaction will dip. Luckily, CMMS has revolutionized the way maintenance is performed in casinos, using capabilities like work order tracking and asset management to vastly streamline operations.

Take it from Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel in Rochester, Washington. With the help of a CMMS, this 100,000-square-foot facility was able to manage service requests, organize their work order process and reduce maintenance costs.

Check out Lucky Eagle’s story in the video above, or read below to discover three ways a CMMS improves your casino’s maintenance operations.


1. Organized Work Order Process

From furnishings to fixtures, assets are essential to a casino’s success. In the event that an asset isn’t functioning properly, a system must be in place to streamline and track every aspect of maintenance operations. When a work order process is completed solely through radio call or a paper-based system, errors occur.

Timing is everything when it comes to maintenance requests in the hospitality industry, and a CMMS provides a solution to traditional manual tracking that being digital work order processing. Digital processing provides maintenance managers with the ability to fill out a work order in seconds. This helps to get important requests into the hands of those who can address them efficiently.

It also helps technicians on the floor improve response rates and update statuses. That means there is no longer a need to run back to the office to update a project’s status. And managers get the transparency they need to make accurate scheduling decisions should emergency requests arise.


2. Reduced Costs 

Maintenance expenses occur for a variety of different reasons. The biggest is asset downtime, which eats into profits thanks to emergency inventory orders and overtime hours for technicians.

With the help of a CMMS, maintenance teams are able to save remarkable amounts of time and money because the risk of downtime is reduced with the help of a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule. A PM schedule generates notifications to alert maintenance teams when a piece of equipment is in need of an inspection. This helps to prevent the likelihood of equipment failure because assets are serviced before downtime even occurs.

For example, with Lucky Eagle Casino’s CMMS, the maintenance team encountered fewer unplanned expenses, providing them with the resources to add a technician to their labor force.


3. Improved Mobility

With thousands of assets on a casino’s floor to service, communication between the maintenance manager and technicians can become cumbersome and unorganized.

But with the help of a CMMS, the entire team can reap the benefits of mobile. Mobile CMMS has eliminated the need for printouts. This increases traceability and reduces maintenance costs associated with paper or printing. CMMS software also increases productivity because maintenance teams are able to receive work orders faster and respond quicker. As a result, less asset downtime occurs.

Mobile CMMS also gives technicians access to documents, files and photos associated with an asset. This is a huge benefit for maintenance teams because technicians are able to retrieve work orders from anywhere in the field. Thus, mobile CMMS improves response rates and lessens the likelihood of equipment failure.

Ready to see how a CMMS can improve your casino’s response rates, team communication and budget? Learn how to transform your management efforts when you watch a free demo of Maintenance Connection.