The Company

Encore Wire, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of copper and aluminum for residential, commercial, and industrial building wire needs in the United States. Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, the company is a one-stop source with state-of-the-art warehouse facilities, and it leads the way in reducing and recycling products to make a positive impact on the environment.

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Before Maintenance Connection, it was very time-consuming to hand write these written reports and get information relayed. Now, with literally the click of a button, technicians can input their labor reports, their hours, equipment downtime, and anybody all over our facility can log in in real time.”
Kyler Keel, CMMS Coordinator


The Challenge


Encore Wire was expanding at a rapid pace while still using a manual, paper-based work order process to track and manage assets. With more than 140 technicians spread out over 8 plants and 420 acres, the prolonged process lacked the organization and auditing capabilities required.

  • Time-consuming hand-written work orders
  • Lack of a formal planned preventive maintenance (PPM) plan
  • No online inventory system for cataloging and locating parts
We are getting all of our inventory into Maintenance Connection. So far it has been had a great impact: just being able to identify parts in the system and where their physical location is in real time, as well as alternate items.”
Kyler Keel, CMMS Coordinator


The Solution


After implementing Maintenance Connection as its CMMS platform, Encore Wire technicians now conduct maintenance more quickly and digitally record information on mobile devices for real-time results. Maintenance Connection also allowed the company to create a comprehensive inventory catalog and to form a preventive maintenance team focused specifically on PPM for critical assets.

  • Mobile work order access for streamlined maintenance processes
  • Instant notifications of equipment failure
  • Detailed tracking of inventory and equipment parts
Being mobile has been great for our daily operations. The ability to use the device camera to check out parts using barcodes [enables] technicians to go to the stockroom, scan the barcode to the item, add the quantity, and make that process really streamlined.”
Kyler Keel, CMMS Coordinator


The Results


With the help of Maintenance Connection, Encore Wire improved its processes, increased productivity, and streamlined operations. The company has greater visibility into maintenance, and better inventory tracking allows employees to easily identify parts, quantities, and their physical location. In addition, the company has an improved ability to find alternate replacement parts, track inventory cost history, and create vendor lists for purchasing parts.

  • Better uptime and greater output of wire as a result of PPM
  • Significant time savings for technicians in work order creation and fulfillment
  • Quicker restoration of service and production due to automatic alerts
  • Greater time efficiency with an established preventive maintenance crew