The Company

This non-profit community blood bank serves more than 100 hospitals in the southeast region of the United States. Headquartered in Florida, the organization is committed to meeting the blood supply needs of hospitals and patients by providing the highest quality blood components and services.  

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Before Maintenance Connection, we were having problems [maintaining] our vehicles…Now the maintenance technicians can make sure that all of the fleet is being serviced and that everything’s in working order. We’re able to keep up to date with all the required maintenance, whether it be weekly, quarterly or annually.”
Facility And Asset Management Clerk


The Challenge

This organization has hundreds of assets scattered throughout 20 different branches in three states. The non-profit maintains roughly 100 fleet vehicles, HVAC and plumbing systems, and equipment for processing blood donations such as centrifuges, incubator agitators, and plasma refrigerators. In the past, these assets were tracked with pencil and paper, which made it difficult for maintenance staff across locations to keep up with all the work needed.

  • Difficulty tracking hundreds of assets using a paper-based maintenance system
  • Risk of serious breakdowns of mission-critical equipment
  • Challenges maintaining a safe and sterile environment for transport of critical materials
Maintenance Connection has really cut the costs when it comes to vehicle repairs It has definitely cut our costs and saved us a lot of money in the end.”
Facility And Asset Management Clerk


The Solution

The company implemented Maintenance Connection throughout the organization to track repairs and manage ongoing and preventative maintenance, all in accordance with industry standards and FDA equipment regulations. The CMMS helps ensure that their critical assets are kept in top shape and readily available at a moment’s notice so team members can address maintenance issues before breakdowns occur.

  • Move from paper-based to digital recordkeeping
  • Up-to-date tracking for regulatory compliance
  • Preventative maintenance for vehicle fleet and critical equipment in three states
Preventative maintenance is huge. All of our equipment is regulated by the FDA, so you don’t want to make any mistakes. We’re taking everything that we would store in a binder and store all the information in Maintenance Connection, so it’s a way of going green, too.”
Facility And Asset Management Clerk


The Results

Maintenance Connection has helped this blood bank save significant time and money by ensuring maintenance is preventive and well managed. Vehicle repair and other asset maintenance costs have dropped as a result of increased visibility into exactly which items need maintenance and when. In addition, Maintenance Connection enables the organization to better maintain compliance with FDA and other equipment regulations.

  • Increased preventive maintenance leading to cost savings
  • A more mobile and productive maintenance team
  • Improved ability to meet compliance regulations
  • Required maintenance needs met more consistently