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Operational Excellence and the Need to Change

Discover tips on how you can overcome the resistance to change and start moving toward operational excellence to gain competitive advantage.

Giorgia Giuliani interviews Jonathan Griffiths, owner and coaching consultant at Focus On The Process, on two related topics: operational excellence and the need for change.

Tune in to find out the governing principles of operational excellence, how lean manufacturing plays into it, and why it’s essential for every employee at your company to understand your goals.  

Jonathan will also share insights from his thirty years of experience in the manufacturing sector about why companies are often reluctant to change, why it’s so important to overcome this reluctance, and understand what type of change will generate the most positive impact.

This 30-Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • How to apply management principles, work in synergy, and react to a changing environment
  • What to focus on to gain a competitive edge
  • The role of company culture, skills, and behavior in operational excellence
  • What are the best indicators to make changes
  • The consequences of holding onto the status quo


Giorgia Giuliani
Giorgia Giuliani
Account Executive, Accruent
Jonathan Griffiths
Jonathan Griffiths
Director, Focus On The Process Ltd
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