Webinar On-Demand

Operational Excellence: What is it & How Can You Achieve it?

Discover essential tips, tricks, and best practices that will help you achieve true operational excellence.

Given two organizations with the same strategy, the group that exhibits “operational excellence” will always have better results and ultimately create greater value for their customers and shareholders. What is “operational excellence?” Hear from our panel of manufacturing industry experts, who will discuss exactly what creates this standard and how your organization can use it to leapfrog the competition.

This 45-minute session will focus on:

  • Asset Management: How to reduce downtime and extend asset life
  • Preventive Maintenance: Efficient planning, scheduling and workload balancing
  • Change Management: Creating a digital workplace
  • Hand-over: Facilitating hand-over from engineering to as-built
  • Accurate Documentation: Maintain up-to-date information on all of your assets
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