• Keeping on top of critical maintenance issues is fundamental to patient care
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Setting up an asset tracking system for the first time


  • Maintenance Connection’s enterprise asset management module
  • Maintenance Connection’s work order tracking module
  • Automated reporting for weekly and monthly updates


  • Government inspections completed on time to maintain compliance
  • Preventive maintenance schedules that diminish break downs
  • Minimized staff interruptions realized from digital service request process

"Having all maintenance operations digital is phenomenal. Everybody on the floor can put work orders in without having to call in. It’s lightened the load a lot on our work orders. One employee was getting well over 100 phone calls a day. Now, he’s getting a fifth of those a day."

Josh Hazelton | Regulatory and Compliance Manager

Case Study Summary: Maine Medical

Maine Medical Center (MMC) is a community hospital and resource for the people of Maine and northern New England. As the state's largest medical center, it is licensed for more than 600 beds and employs more than 6,000 people. The center's size, complexity and importance to the entire region mean that keeping on top of critical maintenance issues is not just part of Maine Medical Center's daily work. It's core to the organization's fundamental mission.

To keep the region's population healthy, MMC needed to track work orders, asset health and status reports all in one place, seamlessly and digitally across hundreds of pieces of equipment and stakeholders. And for that, it needed the best CMMS in the nation. MMC turned to Maintenance Connection.

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