The Company

Family owned and operated in the heart of Napa Valley since 1948, Trinchero Family Estates is a worldwide leader in the wine industry. From the world’s first-ever White Zinfandel to some of the most-sought after vineyards in Napa, Trinchero Family Estates has more than 50 acclaimed wine and spirits brands distributed in nearly 50 countries.

The reporting in Maintenance Connection gives us better visibility into inventory tracking and supplier costs, and saved us $105,000 last year through centralized vendor comparisons. By reducing quantities on hand by 10% across the board, we’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary parts spending.”
Dion Archuleta
    Storeroom & Mobile Equipment Coordinator


The Challenge

Trinchero Family Estates’ fragmented maintenance and inventory systems could not keep pace with growth in the industry and organization, or with its expanding maintenance teams. Decentralized, manual tools lacked cohesive processes for tracking assets across departments, led to work order inefficiencies and duplicate orders, and caused difficulties scheduling technicians and running meaningful reports.

  • Unreliable and manual maintenance request processes
  • Lack of visibility into spare parts costs, labor hours, and TCO of equipment
  • Inaccuracies in inventory count and locations contributing to inefficient employee utilization
"Maintenance Connection enables us to put processes in place for accurately tracking KPIs and seamlessly managing our proactive versus reactive goals. Now we can confidently say we’ve attained over 70% proactive maintenance and are well on track to achieve our overall goal of 85%.”
Chris Tremblay
    Bottling Maintenance Manager


The Solution

With Maintenance Connection, Trinchero Family Estates now has an automated CMMS system for its more than 130 maintenance team members throughout 11 locations. Assets are tracked in one central system, standardized processes facilitate work orders being entered consistently, and improved inventory management allows users to search parts quickly, optimize parts availability, and lower inventory spend.

  • Preventive maintenance plans are implemented and shared across departments
  • Attached pictures and specifications allow technicians to maximize wrench time
  • Reporting helps assure adherence to Safe Quality Food (SQF) regulations
By providing us with the tools to optimize our facilities, fleet and bottling equipment, Accruent allows us to deliver the highest quality product to our customers and remain a leader in the industry.”
Chris Tremblay
    Bottling Maintenance Manager


The Result

Maintenance Connection has improved the communication path between the production and bottling teams, enabling work orders to be accurately logged, monitored, and addressed in a timely, efficient manner. Separately tracking preventive work has increased Trinchero Family Estates’ equipment efficiency, and controlled inventory management has improved part ordering decisions. The company now has visibility into TCO and a deeper understanding of how much is being spent per asset.

  • Improved work order tracking from 50% to 90%
  • Increased proactive maintenance to over 70%
  • $105,000 savings through improved parts sourcing
  • Decreased emergency downtime to less than 5%
  • Reduced out-of-stock situations for better repair efficiency
  • Established KPIs to improve maintenance performance