Maintenance Managers: Gain Control of Your Plant with Preventive Maintenance

In a maintenance manager’s perfect world, asset downtime wouldn’t exist, technicians would always be efficient and scheduling would be a breeze.  Even though maintenance managers know this ideal simply doesn’t exist, it’s their job to keep the plant running as smoothly as possible.

Maintenance managers can get one step closer to a picture-perfect plant with the help a preventive maintenance (PM) strategy.  Here’s just a glimpse of the expanding benefits:

  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Decreased repairs
  • Better conservation of assets
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Fewer large-scale, timely repairs

And while a PM schedule may seem costly or timely to implement, it’s easier than ever with a CMMS. Continue reading to learn about preventive CMMS features to better manage your plant.


8 Preventive CMMS Features

  1. Create auto-triggered work orders for easy technician scheduling.
  2. Receive system-generated notifications for upcoming PM tasks.
  3. Include instructions or directions on work orders, so technicians can easily and efficiently complete preventive maintenance.
  4. Generate a list of estimated materials for each upcoming task to ensure inventory levels are never low or out.
  5. Pull historic repair data to better understand what assets are running slowly or average repair time.
  6. Create seasonal or temporary schedules based off of historic repair or downtime data.
  7. Proactively schedule technicians, instead of retroactively waiting for a breakdown.
  8. Measure, and effectively cut back on unplanned downtime and increase technician and asset efficiencies.

Maintenance Connection strives to make preventive maintenance scheduling as easy as possible. On average, our users increase asset uptime by 10%, improve asset reliability by 5%, and decrease repair downtime by 30%.

See where you and your team rank in your CMMS amongst others in your industry.