With 64 newspaper print facilities across the world and more than 10,000 assets to sustain, The New York Times maintenance team is nothing short of busy. And with more than 1 million weekly readers, the well-respected news source realized its need for a more reliable maintenance strategy enabled by a CMMS.

The New York Times sought a user-friendly system to organize its assets and track equipment health across sites. After finding gaps with its legacy software, the company chose Maintenance Connection’s CMMS. Since implementation, the maintenance team has seen improvements on asset uptime and plant productivity.

To learn more about how The New York Time’s integrated CMMS, check out the video above or read below to learn how the maintenance team relies on Maintenance Connection for improved team communication and asset organization.


CMMS streamlines plant-wide asset organization

Before implementing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS, The New York Times struggled to organize its assets. And with thousands of assets let alone employees spread out across the plant the facility needed a way to report on deficiencies. With the help of Maintenance Connection, the maintenance team is now able to track asset health and work order status to report downtime more effectively. Beyond that, the CMMS organized its 10,000+ assets into the system, improving internal operations.

As a result, the team was able to implement a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule to service equipment before breakdown and plan ahead for inventory requests.


Automated reports improve resource allocation and labor productivity

Since the plant-wide rollout, the maintenance team has witnessed improvements on labor, resources and planning. With the CMMS, the team plans for maintenance and schedules accordingly. As a result, the team can identify equipment usage and automate recurring PM work orders to decrease downtime and reduce repairs. The PM schedule also provides maintenance with a snapshot of reports concerning where and how the plant allocates resources and budget. This saves the facility time and money due to a reduction in emergency requests.

"With Maintenance Connection, everybody is well aware what’s going on in the plant"

Greg Zarafa, The New York Times maintenance manager.

Overall, Maintenance Connection’s CMMS provides The New York Times with the ability to foster plant communications, house asset information and track maintenance status.

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