The Company

The City of Orlando has a population of more than a quarter million residents and a population of that size requires a solid network infrastructure to keep it happy, healthy, and functional. The city’s Water Reclamation Division alone employs almost 200 staff members who maintain tens of thousands of assets, keeping key city services like sewers and wastewater treatment plants online.

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Daily Work Orders
"We came up with a process that was completely paperless. Now, the technicians can go to their laptops and pick the parts they want to order or choose work orders to enter. The requests go to their manager for approval, and the warehouse receives notification of the work order or part request.”
Aaron Green, Applications Administrator


The Challenge


The city’s three wastewater plants process about 36 million gallons of water per day to deliver clean water daily to the city’s residents, which means a high degree of reactive maintenance is not an option. Prior to using Maintenance Connection, the maintenance team relied on paper-based work orders and part requisitions for asset up-keep.

  • Paper-based system for managing 1,000+ daily work orders and parts requisition.
  • Mission-critical maintenance needs; system failures would affect 250,000+ residents.
  • Need for a solution that worked just as well in the field as it did in the office.
"[Before Maintenance Connection], work orders were printed out, then got lost or thrown away by mistake. Staff would fill out requests for parts, only to find out that the warehouse had changed which parts were available while documents were in transit.”
Aaron Green, Applications Administrator


The Solution


The City of Orlando Water Reclamation team implemented Maintenance Connection to completely digitize the work order and part requisition system for assets ranging from wastewater treatment plant assets, field lift stations, and sewer equipment. In addition, integration with the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system enables better tracking of graphically represented assets such as pumps and valves.

  • Digital work order management for assets spread out over 110+ square miles
  • Automated approval workflows with email and message center notifications
  • Mobile access to document time and complete work orders from the field
"We have crews roaming the streets using Maintenance Connection to document their time, document pictures, complete work orders and tasks, and complete their preventive maintenance.”
Aaron Green, Applications Administrator


The Results


As a result of switching to Maintenance Connection, the City of Orlando now has a completely digital work order system that helps ensure cleaner water for all its residents. Technicians can see an asset’s entire history, installation date and other mission-critical information, better enabling preventive maintenance. And SCADA work orders generated with Maintenance Connection go to teams out in the field immediately, ensuring fast response times.

  • Saved time with a streamlined work order process and automated approval workflows
  • Improved visibility into maintenance status in the field
  • A more efficient and greener city by replacing the old paper-based system
  • Faster field response times through mobile access and SCADA integration
  • Eliminating mistakes and miscommunications that occurred with manual processes