The Company

Maine Medical Center is a nonprofit community hospital serving the people of Maine and northern New England. As Maine’s largest medical center and the flagship hospital of the Maine Health healthcare system, it provides nearly 23 percent of all the charity care delivered in the state. The hospital’s size, complexity, and importance to the entire region mean that keeping on top of critical maintenance issues is not just part of daily work, but core to the organization’s mission of research, education, and community care.

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Anything that [the state and federal regulators] can ask, we need to make sure that it’s documented. For example, smoke detector testing has to be done annually, and having that preventive maintenance in Maintenance Connection has helped us keep track and make sure it’s getting done on time.”
Josh Hazelton
    Regulatory and Compliance Manager


The Challenge

Prior to implementing Maintenance Connection, the hospital’s system for managing its hundreds of assets was largely paper-based and less than ideal. Since these assets are directly responsible for keeping patients healthy, it was essential to move to a digital system for more effective maintenance management and reporting.

  • Cumbersome paper-based system for managing maintenance operations
  • Unable to track work order status and asset health in one central place
  • Difficulty providing actionable maintenance reports to key stakeholders
Having all maintenance operations digital is phenomenal. Everybody on the floor can put work orders in without having to call in, and it’s lightened the load a lot. One employee was getting well over 100 phone calls a day. Now, he’s getting a fifth of those a day.”
Josh Hazelton
    Regulatory and Compliance Manager


The Solution

Maine Medical Center implemented Maintenance Connection for digital work order and asset management throughout the hospital. Asset history tracking helps the organization to quickly diagnosis issues by identifying when an asset needs to be replaced or fails repeatedly. And detailed reporting on smoke detectors, elevators, and other equipment helps ensure required government inspections are done on time to maintain compliance.

  • Streamlined, digital maintenance management across Clinical Engineering, Property Management, Safety, and other departments
  • Automated reporting on assets and labor resources
  • Access to data from desktop computers or on the floor via mobile devices
Certain reports are emailed to me weekly or monthly, and they are automatically there. The leads get their labor reports sent to them weekly, so they know where they’re standing.”
Josh Hazelton
    Regulatory and Compliance Manager


The Results

With the help of Maintenance Connection, Maine Medical Center has significantly streamlined maintenance processes, saving the organization time and money. Asset tracking, both through preventive maintenance or replacement, helps the organization systematically budget and plan to solve an issue. In addition, labor reports allow management to always know where staff members are with maintenance activities, increasing productivity and optimizing resources.

  • Minimized breakdowns with preventive maintenance schedules
  • Easier compliance with government regulations via comprehensive, automated reporting
  • Reduced staff interruptions through digital service request process
  • Improved mission-readiness aided by maximizing dollars spent on maintenance