Biomedical Operations Need a CMMS to Ensure Regulatory Compliance Is Achieved

Biomedical operations within hospitals, clinics, and outsourced maintenance organizations need equipment maintenance software to keep track of all critical equipment and machinery. Here’s how Maintenance Connection facilitates this:

  • Implements preventive maintenance schedules to provide a clean, healthy environment without interruption to patient treatment
  • Service requests can be responded to quickly and efficiently
  • Data about all maintenance activity is captured logically, and data surrounding this activity becomes available to be reported on easily for auditors and regulatory bodies.

Maintenance Connection’s simple, easy-to-use, web-based biomedical facilities and equipment maintenance software helps organizations maintain accurate maintenance histories and keep tighter control of maintenance schedules and routines. Risk analysis, life safety tracking, and even equipment calibration are just some of the CMMS features that help organizations achieve compliance with requirements and standards for biomedical maintenance.


Use Cases of Equipment Maintenance Software in Biomedical Facilities and Clinics

Equipment maintenance software plays a crucial role in biomedical facilities and clinics by ensuring optimal performance and compliance of medical devices and equipment through scheduled maintenance and calibration, reducing downtime, and preventing critical failures. Equipment maintenance software also aids in inventory management by tracking equipment usage, service histories, and supplies, helping facilities optimize their resource allocation and budgeting.

Additionally, equipment maintenance software helps clinics adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring that equipment meets safety and quality standards. It also enhances patient safety by minimizing the risk of malfunctioning equipment during procedures and diagnostics. Furthermore, such software facilitates data-driven decision-making by providing insights into equipment performance and cost-effectiveness.

Thus, equipment maintenance software in biomedical facilities and clinics enhances efficiency, regulatory compliance, resource management, and patient safety, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining the integrity of healthcare operations.


Equipment Maintenance Software for Every Healthcare Environment

Maintenance Connection Equipment Maintenance Software can be applied in various healthcare settings to manage equipment and facility maintenance effectively. The following are some examples:

Hospital and Healthcare Facility

Medical facilities and hospitals must respond quickly and efficiently to service requests and decrease downtime. Maintenance Connection's computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) enables procedure management and preventive maintenance, leading to:  

  • Reduced downtime on critical assets
  • Extended asset life across the facility
  • Maintained maintenance budgets and cost minimization
  • Minimized inventory stockout or overages
  • Improved team efficiency



Biomed facilities and operations rely on accurate maintenance records, lab data, and asset monitoring to prove compliance and meet industry standards.

Using a CMMS, biomed facilities and clinics monitor the equipment health and maintenance records for imaging systems, surgical equipment, dialysis machines, sterilizing equipment and more. Biomed CMMS also enables facilities to implement preventive maintenance and:  

  • Lessen the risk of interruption to patient treatment
  • Improve facility cleanliness
  • Decrease service request response times
  • Track maintenance activity on critical assets
  • Capture data for audit or regulatory reports


Medical Device Manufacturing

For medical device manufacturers, a CMMS is critical in ensuring regulatory compliance standards throughout an intricate process. Manufactured using strict guidelines, proper maintenance records are imperative to ensure compliance with regulations and to FDA standards, such as 21 CFR Part 11.

Using Maintenance Connection’s web-based CMMS application helps your medical equipment manufacturing operation:

  • Extend asset life
  • Track maintenance costs
  • Prevent and predict equipment failures
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Reduce costly downtimes or non-compliance fines
  • Minimize investments in inventory
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance


Senior Living Facility

Senior living facilities provide a high level of service to residents. A well-managed maintenance strategy and solution keeps track of assets across a campus or multiple buildings.

Maintenance Connection’s CMMS helps senior living facilities:

  • Offer a service request portal to residents for a simple work order process.
  • Automate email notifications to residents to notify them of updates to service requests.
  • Extend mobile capabilities for technicians to access work order information across campus.
  • Integrate all maintenance activities into a single solution.