Solution Overview: Powerful, Easy-to-Use Work Order Software  

Accruent Maintenance Connection’s work order software helps you efficiently manage all your work orders for optimized facility and asset management Submit requests directly into the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) through the work request software, sort and manage data, view active and planned workflows, and track completed work orders.

With our work order software system, you:

  • Execute effective preventive maintenance strategies
  • Reduce emergency breakdowns
  • Decrease equipment downtime
  • Prepare your business for inspection

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Processes  

Spend more time getting work done and less time on paperwork. Our digital work order software removes manual processes so your team can work more efficiently and focus on their jobs – leading to more satisfied and engaged employees.

“Maintenance Connection makes it extremely easy… A work order request can come in any time or day, and each request is routed to the shop according to the location and what the shop is responsible for.”

Capture the Most Important Details  

Stay on top of what your maintenance team is doing with configurable yet simple-to-use dashboards. Attach notes, check key metrics, manage completions and perform other tasks in an interface that lets you view everything you need at a glance or drill down for more information.

Automate Manual Work Order Processes  

Fill out work order requests in seconds while you define and assign tasks with ease. Plus, you can add details using fields that allow you to input instructions, attachments, notes on materials used, and more.

Monitor Tasks and Track Progress  

Our searchable work order tracking system means you can quickly find the status of every work order. Quickly locate work orders with even a small amount of information, such as the requester name or task description, with work order tracking software that helps you monitor tasks at any time.

Maintain Efficiency On-the-Go  

Stop wasting time out in field service. Accruent Maintenance Connection is a mobile work order system that means you can record information from wherever work is being done, add images to work orders via iPads and other mobile devices, and close out work orders on location.

Gain At-a-Glance Insights  

Get at-a-glance insight into key metrics like equipment usage or inventory costs, or delve deeper into data that can help you pinpoint your preventive maintenance needs. You can even get reporting in the field, thanks to the mobile work order management software components.

Avoid Duplicate Information  

Redundant work orders won’t clog your system ever again. Accruent Maintenance Connection flags potential duplicates so you can remove them from your work order management software.

Simplify Integrations

The best work order management systems connect with broader systems, enhancing the power and scope of each integration. Integrate seamlessly with plant or building control systems, HR, accounting, engineering document management systems and more.

Automate Notifications

Send instant, automated notifications about work orders via text or email, which helps you keep planned maintenance tasks on track.

Work Order Management Software: Key Features

Intuitive Dashboards

Stay on top of your maintenance activities, manage daily maintenance schedules, update metrics, and more with centralized, configurable dashboards.  

Lightning-Fast Request Manager

Access and update instructions, notes, attachments, and more using one easy-to-use request manager.  

Work Order Tracking

Create, view, update, and execute work order tracking. Access vital details anywhere, at any time, including area, duration, parts available, and task type.  

Mobile Capabilities

Create, edit, and complete work orders on-the-go for true remote operations and multi-site capabilities.  

Powerful Reporting

Create purpose-built reports and use them to validate plans, streamline purchases, and enhance technician efficiency.  

Smooth Integrations

Easily connect your maintenance department to other mission critical tools, including your ERP, IoT tools SCADA systems, EDMS, and HR systems.  

Inventory Management  

Stay on top of parts and MRO inventory management to maximize efficiency and lower costs.

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Maintenance Work Order Software for Better Facility Safety & Compliance

Facilities work order software is critical to meeting your safety and compliance goals. Not only do comprehensive work order details help decrease emergency repairs and their associated risks, but a “preparation for inspections” work order helps ensure your facility remains compliant with inspections. And work order asset management software shows you what’s actively being maintained at any point in time – and can even include attached safety plans.

With Accruent Maintenance Connection, you can turn compliance and safety challenges into opportunities.